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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cool raspberry pi security system - A compilation of best DIY home security Projects using raspberry Pi

Raspberry pi security cam in a dummy box
Home security system can often save you a lot of money and headaches. But often people run without any security systems due to the prohibitive cost of installation and  maintanance. But here is a collection of simple solutions which uses a small, inexpensive (50$) solutions based on a Raspberry Pi.

Even though these are simple and do it your self solutions, if carefully made and set up, this can offer a wide variety of possibilities which can surpass many average, expensive systems available in the market. So do not under estimate the power of DIY, and if you are a good tinkerer, you will find a lot of possibilities which range from an intrusion detector to remote controlled systems with sms/telephone alert!

I won't recommend this for an average user who can't tweak much and have a lot of money as they can invest on a brand new ready made system and the money invested is worth if it can save the cost of heavy loss, but Pi based systems can work as an extra watch dog, even in such cases.

1) Logitech webcam/camera module with Raspberry Pi and motion detection

Compared to insecure CCTV cameras and expensive IP cameras (with poor video quality), raspberry pi could be an easy solution to build a high quality  video surveillence. It is possible to set up pi as a  24/7 Web cam server and stream your video over the internet and can monitor it with  a mobile device equipped with a
browser. using motion (an excellent linux program that monitors video signal for changes and triggers events) can help to take it further up. For example, you can tie it up with webbased sms services so that you will get a notification when something happens.

Here’s what you can achieve with a similar setup

2) PrivateEyePi - a DIY home alarm system

While considering raspberry pi based home security systems, PrivateEyePi is one of the best and comprehensive one. They have a couple of systems which can provide home alarm systems, webcam surveillance and temperature gauges and wireless sensors. The down side ( or could be the upside for some) that these are tied to the servers of the private eye. But the basic principles remains the same and can be adapted to run on your own servers if you are concerned on data. But it gives an easy customization, step by step solution with several possibilities

3) An other interesting post from TK's Maker Space

It uses a webcam, couple of sensors using 433mhz wireless and a python based backbone which communicate and integrate various components of the system with the web and the user More

4) Instructables user Scavix has system in which he shows off how to build your own small-scale system for about $120 using a Raspberry Pi which is featured in lifehacker.It uses a Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi camera module, some housing for that camera, and a few other smaller pieces. After some set up, the end result is a home security system that can detect motion, broadcast a live stream, and more.

5)Christian Cawley has a similar system which uses webcam and the motion, an application which can trigger an event based on motion detection. More

6) Jeff has an interesting idea which he posted in makezine. He uses pi and a camera together with infrared motion detectors (PIR) and a couple of components to generate an audio and visual alert. An interesting home alarm project and more about his project.

7) Bart has posted a project where he used a couple of magnetic read switches and are tracked with python on the pi. It shows a log of various doors and their access timings.

8)Here is a post on codeproject which shows using Pi as a low cost high defenition surveillence camera and clever ways to mount the system.


  1. Wow this is genius. We regularly review home security systems and I had yet to come across such an innovative and low-cost solution. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Hi Sir,
    I am very glad you posted this, Dick. I've been looking for a security system since my house was burgled in October, and since I rent, I wanted something that wasn't permanent. This sounds like the PERFECT system.
    home security alarm systems diy

  3. Hi Riya,

    The link in #7 is no longer active. Looks like that post has been moved to http://www.bartbania.com/raspberry_pi/raspberry-pi-simple-home-security-system/

  4. Cool! This is one of the best DIY Home Security Projects I've seen. My aunt is actually using a Logitech Webcam Module with Raspberry Pi and motion detection right now. So far, she's satisfied with it.

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